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nginious! was born on July 31, 2014. The original idea of creating a Swiss gin of the highest quality (which became a reality with the ‘Swiss Blended Gin’), soon developed into concept of exploring new avenues and reinterpreting a depleted spirit category in an exiting and surprising different way.

Our own distillery gives us the independence and flexibility that we need to be creative and innovative, it creates Identity and opens up new horizons. We will be able to welcome guests, have master classes, show where and how we work, but most of all we can toy around and experiment.

The principle of this crowd funding is advance sale. This way we hope to finance the planning, building, equipment and furnishing of the distillery in order to realize our ideas for the new plant. Therefore we are offering and selling our products right now but plan to deliver in 2017.

The signing of the rental contract means that the distillery will come into existence anyway, but the better and faster our advance sales are and the more support we receive, the better we can implement our plans.

Our distillery is not only a place for development and production, but also for connecting and communication with our enthusiasts. We will return something to all those who have supported us and the distillery, something unique and everlasting.

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nginious! Distiller’s Cut37 x

199,00 CHF nginious_199_chf

A Distiller’s Cut, worthy of it’s name! The very first production ever made on the new Fantastic Mr. Fox.


Liquid Spirit Gin-Tasting29 x

25,00 CHF nginious_Buttons_Transparent_AB_25

A one-hour-gin tasting in our Distillery.


Liquid Spirit Gin-Workshop86 x

75,00 CHF nginious_Buttons_Transparent_75

A three-hour-gin workshop in our Distillery.


Liquid Spirit Team-Building Event24 x

4.999,00 CHF nginious_4999_chf

Together with your team, you can create your own custom batch of gin in our distillery.


Liquid Spirit Company Event23 x

Free! nginious_Buttons_Transparent_Anfrage

Your exclusive company event in our distillery!


Gutschein0 x

20,00 CHF

Haven’t found what you were looking for or not sure what to give? Give an individual gift voucher!


nginious! Distiller’s Cut37 x

The very first production in our new Liquid Spirit Distillery: limited to 3.000 bottles, each custom-made & numbered.

The very first production coming from our new distillery: The most personal of all nginious! creations

This special edition gin will come in custom-made magnum sized bottle (1.5 litres) limited to 3.000 pieces. The bottles will be covered in the typical nginious! jacket, but in this case made of copper to fit the occasion.

All bottles will be engraved with a number from 1-3.000, and every supporter can choose their own number – if it is still available. Each bottle will then be customized by engraving the purchaser’s name on a copper plate.

In summary, each contributor will have a customised bottle of a limited edition gin (that may become worth a multiple of the present price) and will always be connected to us and the project. We think this is a great idea.

Contrary to the other blended nginious! editions, it is a London Dry Gin, in which the citrus and flower elements are extracted by passing through the alcohol vapors. The botanicals are more of a classic gin: Juniper, lemon peel, grapefruit, coriander, lavender, thyme, pepper, orris root, licorice.

Delivery date: around 2 weeks after order, depending on country of destination 


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199,00 CHF

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Liquid Spirit Gin-Tasting29 x

A one-hour-gin tasting in Liquid Spirit Distillery.

You will be shown around the distillery, we give you a short introduction in the production of gin and you have the chance to taste all the nginious! gins.

Tastings usually in German, please let us know of you are english speaking only. We can arrange almost everything for you!




Unfortunately our online shop has some bugs at them moment so please drop us an email although your order was completed succesfully.

!!!     Fixed Dates for individuals and groups, registration necessary:     !!!


More dates in 2019!

Starting at 6pm.


25,00 CHF


Liquid Spirit Gin-Workshop86 x

A three-hour-gin workshop in Liquid Spirit Distillery.

What is gin? What types are there? How do they taste? We will explain the history of gin (in general). You will be shown and able to taste the differences between various gins, especially between ‘big brands’ and ‘craft gins’, also tonics. We will talk with you through production, botanicals, the gin hype and of course the nginious! history!

If you’re a whole group with “your own” date you also have the possibility to book your workshop with a apéro and G&T serve!

Workshops usually in German, please let us know of you are english speaking only. We can arrange almost everything for you!

only workshop
with Apéro and G&T serve


4 tasting rounds, 3 hours.

Please write us a note when you put in your address and further information about if you are a group and want to have an apéro and G&T with it and if you already chose on a date.

Unfortunately our online shop has some bugs at them moment so please drop us an email, although your order was completed succesfully.

!!!    Fixed Dates for individuals and groups, registration necessary:    !!!

Dates are to choose from (more to follow): 



More to follow 2019.

Starting at 6pm.


75,00 CHF


Liquid Spirit Team-Building Event24 x

Together with your team, you can create your own custom batch of nginious! in our distillery!

As a gin lover, who doesn’t dream of distilling their own gin? Work as a team together with Oliver Ullrich, the producer and creator of nginious!, to create your own gin. We will help you to develop your own customised formula, then distil and bottle it in 100 bottles (50 cl), exclusively for you. Duration: up to 2 days

More information soon or contact us via

_MG_5731 _MG_5743 _MG_5744

Upon consultation.


4.999,00 CHF


Liquid Spirit Company Event23 x

Your exclusive company event in our distillery!

Are you planning a Christmas party, a birthday apéro or are just looking for an event that is a bit different?




Contact us to talk about the possibilities:

Upon consultation



Gutschein0 x

Gift Voucher
without limitation …

Haven’t found what you were looking for or not sure what to give? Give an individual gift voucher!

Give the gift of choice: from going to a tasting, attending a team building event or just buying some gin, a “Gutschein” is the perfect present. To redeem your gift voucher visit us at Liquid Spirit Distillery in Basel, where you can also lay eyes on “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, our still.

Add a gift voucher worth 20 CHF to your cart. Increase the number of vouchers to increase the value of your Gutschein.


20,00 CHF

We turn the gin world
upside down

The Swiss Blended Gin was followed by the world’s first barrel aged gin in a vermouth cask, the casks being supplied by the famous Piedmont vermouth producer ‘Cocchi’.

Only nine months later spring and summer were announced by the introduction of nginious! Summer Gin. Consisting of a completely new recipe, it soon became everyone’s favourite tipple.

In October 2015, our ‘Smoked & Salted Gin’ was launched, ready for arrival of the autumn / winter season. This was a totally new sort of gin; a most unusual and unexpected gin.


nginious! creates curiosity,
demand and innovative products

Ever since ‘Smoked and Salted’ entered the market, it has become evident where the journey will lead: the drawer is full of ideas and the well of lost plots hasn’t been exhausted. The existing four editions are the core range of nginious! and further ingenious ideas are waiting to be developed and published!

We believe that the magic of our brand lies in the ability to continuously push people’s expectations to new limits and to maintain their excitement and curiosity. Everyone has their own favourite nginious! edition: one loves the lightness of the Summer Gin while others appreciate the complexity of the Swiss Blended Gin. The explosion of flavours makes the Smoked & Salted Gin the bartender’s choice whilst others muse about the elegance of the Cocchi Vermouth Cask Finished Gin.

However, despite the diversity of our gins, the magic of nginious! is the excitement of what is yet to come. We are not competing our gins among each other; instead we will expand the range of the nginious! universe to add a new chapter and continue creating our story.

We, more than anyone else, feel the tingling sensation every time a new idea is born and there is a new product we think is worth creating. It is the same magic we felt when the first gin was created, and it hasn’t faded. For us nginious! will never be routine. We will always challenge ourselves, setting high demands and aiming to discover new secrets in order to say: ‘Yes, it’s another nginious! idea.’

We feel the moment has come to give our brand a home of its own: a distillery, called …

Every Bottle and the contents are
unique at nginious!

Following the unrivalled concept of a hip flask as a basic bottle, each variety of nginious! gets its unique design in the form of a special jacket

While the red bottle for the Swiss Blended Gin reflects the origin of the content, the Vermouth Cask Finished Gin gets a new leather design every time a new barrel is being aged and thus also becomes a collector’s item. The concept of Summer is not only IN the Summer Gin but also ON the bottle, using old school bubble swim caps as jackets that are both super cool and unique. And finally there is the flamed oak wood jacket for the Smoked & Salted Gin, making each bottle one of a kind.

Each bottle of nginious! is distinctive and unparalleled.

Give your brand a home.

The Aktienmühle
in Basel

After a long search we found the perfect site for our project: the Aktienmühle ( For108 years this site was a flourmill and an important chapter of Basel’s industrial history, until its closure in 2003.

After being purchased by the Habitat Foundation in 2015, the mill will now be used in an entirely different way. The building will host an array of little manufactures like coffee roasters, a wood-fired bakery, a sculpture studio and our very own distillery.

These 200 sqm are more to us than just a room. They mean identity, independence and future.


The Producer’s Wife’s Husband

The Producer’s Wife

Global Brand Ambassador
Event & Communication Manager
the nginious! Au Pair

Business Development Manager Head of Marketing & Communication

The Producer’s Mini-Me
Brand Ambassador GSA

Graphic Designer

The Afro of nginious! 
Brand Ambassador BeNeLux

Brand Builder Spain & Portugal



The Team behind the Team…

Thank you for supporting our project.

We are looking forward to the next year; it is going to be so exciting.

Liquid Spirit Distillery c/o Ullrich & Co • Spirit Production & Consulting • Gärtnerstrasse 46 • CH 4057 Basel
Phone: +41 79 174 48 20 • Mail:

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